Insole Wholesale (stock)

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Sample Request

If you would like to order samples, please fill out the form below. We are happy to send you samples, whether you are an online retailer,
wholesaler, reseller, distributer, or supermarket, we are happy to provide samples.

Why choose our stock products ?

Spot Insoles

Warehouse Area

Capacity: 5200 square meters of insole stock

Inventory stocking ensures that the number of insoles is sufficient. Guarantee customer needs in time, ship directly from the finished product warehouse, shorten customer waiting time.

Production Capacity

90,000,000+ pairs of insoles are produced every year.

Multiple production equipment: PU production line, hot forming workshop, cold forming workshop, assembly line, automatic packaging equipment, punching equipment, etc.

PU Production Line
Assembly line
Molding workshop
Molding workshop
PU Production Line
insoles shipping

Fast and Stable Delivery

On-Time Delivery, Delivery Within 48 Hours From Spot Stock.

We will take pictures of the packaged goods before delivery and will get our real delivery logistics information. Check the transportation status of the goods at any time and contact us at any time if you have any questions.