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FootMaster offers hundreds of insole designs for our clients. Many of them are available in stock. In addition, if you need a custom design for your brand, OEM/ODM services are also available.       >> Get Product Catalog

Orthotic Insoles

The orthotic insole is useful and helpful for people who are suffering from foot pain caused by flat feet, high arch, and plantar fasciitis. The orthotic insole is featured strong support, alignment, and pain relief. 

Everyday Insoles

Everyday insoles are designed for everyone in their daily lives, such as standing, walking and running. Everyday insoles provides more comfort and cushion to their foot. This insoles are suitable for most shoes.

Warm Insoles

The warm insole is especially for the winner or cold area. We have various materials for selection, such as wool, felt, latex, etc. You can customize the material. Also, we have a USB heating insole to adjust the temperature.

Work Insoles

Anti-fatigue safety insoles for work boots, work shoes, etc. are designed to absorb shock & return energy to your feet to keep them comfortable all day long. The normal materials to design safety insole are PU.

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FootMaster provides diversified services and products to meet the different demands of different clients.

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SINCE 1986

FootMaster is branch brand of BANGNI that is one of oldest and most recognized insole manufacturer in China. Established in 1986, the BANGNI offered the highest quality products for 30+ years. As an insole supplier and manufacturer, FootMaster provides various insoles, including orthotic insoles, sport insole, height increasing insoles, etc. Spot goods and OEM/ODM service are both available.

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