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footmaster insoles Wangwei

Mrs. Wang Wei, the present and CEO of Bangni group. 

Under Mrs. Wang’s leadership, Bangni is making the professional insole products and building best partnership and trust with customers. Aim to provide the best foot caring for the world.

She was born an insole family that has been producing insoles since 1986 and she founded Bangni biological in 2012. Mrs. Wang is the open-minded chairman with strong marketing skills, wide experience in launching and managing business. 

Familiar with European and American sport insole markets and focus on research and development of new products to serving customers and while innovating for the future.

She sharing core values of respect, caring and integrity in all Bangni employees as well as in social charities.

footmaster insoles Wangwei

bangni history

  • 1986

Bangni Group was founded and its first brand, Buyun was registered.

  • 2011

Henan Bangni Trading Co., Ltd was established.

  • 2013

Military products began to be manufactured and supplied to the Chinese Armed Police Force.

  • 2015

Bangni began work on the industry standard for insoles. ISO20150 international standard was published in 2019.

  • 2020

Signed exclusive agency agreement with DuPont.

Shitou Yun warehouse has been established.

  • 2022

Piao Liang Ben Cao Co., Ltd. was established.

  • 1988

More than 20 wholesale market outlets have been established in China.

  • 2012

Henan Bangni Biological Engineering Co., Ltd was established.

  • 2014

The Foreign Trade Ministry was established.

Quanzhou Bangni Company was founded.

  • 2017

Henan Bangni Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.


  • 2021

Aizu Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

corporate social responsibility

As 30 years of company, we know our social responsibility and we hope we can contribute more to our customer, our employee and the social. 

Health & Safety

At Bangni, we pay close attention to employee health and safety. We built a safe workplace and had principle and guideline to conduct the manufacturing and equipment operation, which keeps employee health and safety.


Environmental Protection

Its our responsibility to protect our earth. Bangni respects the nature and pursues environment-friendly products. We design products by bio-degradable and environment-friendly materials and all leftover is recycle.

Environmental Protection

Appreciation & Contribution

Bangni appreciates all people who offer assistance and cooperate with us, including our clients, suppliers, coworkers and communities. We also are doing more to service and contribute to the social.

Appreciation & Contribution

we have 100+ certificates

We have more than100 registered trademarks, and pass CE, BSCI, ISO Certificates. Also, this company is awarded many honors.

product certification
factory certification

we are trusted by well-known partners


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